Besides research, I have a lot of hobbies. In my daily life I am an outgoing guy and I am alawys curious about a lot of things. Here I will show you some of the photos about my daily life I really love.

Stories of Graduate Study

I am still in the progress of my graduate study. I will keep uploading good photos here.

Surfing at Venice Beach 2, Los Angeles, CA. 2018

Surfing at Venice Beach 1, Los Angeles, CA. 2018

With my poster on ISSS-13, UCLA, CA. 2018

Group photo of ISSS-13(13th International School/Symposium of Space Simulation), UCLA, CA. 2018

Photo at COSPAR2018, Pasadena, CA. 2018

Group photo after Dr. Hu’s Defense. 2018

Sending Philip to LAX, group photo. 2018

Four guys with Hawaiian Shirts. 2018


I love playing soccer and here are some of my photos of playing soccer.

Team Photo of Shenyuan Honors College, 2014


I enjoy travelling to new places. I believe this can help me know more about different things.

Photo at Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco. 2018

Photo with my friends at Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco. 2018

Photo at Bixby Creek Bridge, CA-1, Montery. 2018

Photo on street, Santa Barbara. 2018

Photo at Newport Beach, Irvine. 2018

Photo in Gorlitz, Germany. 2016

Stories of Undergraduate Study

I really enjoy my undergraduate study at Beihang University. I selected several photos here to remind myself of my memory of that joyful time. Here are four photos with the same group of my best friends, you can easily find that I became fatter and fatter… LoL

Photo with my best friends before our graduation. 2017

Photo with my best friends after meal at Laoma Restaurant. 2016

Photo with my best friends before we leave Shahe. 2015

Photo with my best friends after Hotpot. 2014